Are You a Psychic Empath?

Empathy is the ability to recognize what another person is feeling. It is very likely that you’ve felt empathy for another person at some time or another. For example, if a friend came to you after the loss of a pet, you would have empathy for her situation. It would trigger memories of losing your own pet. Even if you never had a pet that died, you would still feel her pain just looking at her sad face and defeated posture.

Psychic Empath

Psychic empaths regularly pick up the energy of others, feeling people’s emotions as if they were their own. However, psychic empaths don’t need visual and verbal cues to absorb other people’s emotions. Sometimes they recognize auras or energy fields that provide them with clues. Other times they just “know” when someone else is feeling joy, pain or fear.

Psychic empaths are often drawn toward nurturing careers such as social work or nursing. Some work as professional psychics doing energy work or counseling. One of the dangers of being an empath is that it is overwhelming to experience other people’s emotions. Fortunately there are shielding techniques that empaths can learn to protect their own emotions.

If you have ever wondered whether you are a psychic empathy, consider your answers to the following questions:

1. Is it challenging to listen to friends share their anxieties because you end up absorbing their feelings?

Empaths regularly attract people who want to unload because their own energy is so healing. This is especially true of people who are bullied. Victims are often drawn to empaths. Many empaths struggle with this issue until they learn how to shield themselves.

2. Do you find it difficult to be around arrogant, egotistical people?

Nobody enjoys the company of narcissists. However, for empaths it goes deeper. While empaths are very understanding of others in general, narcissists can be impossible for them to associate with. Arrogant, egotistical people are unable to see things from any point of view than their own and that is extremely uncomfortable for empaths to be around.

3. Are you often mistaken for being moody or withdrawn?

It’s exhausting to always be taking on the emotions of others, whether positive or negative. It’s natural to become overloaded and shut down. It can also be very difficult for empaths to pretend everything is okay when it’s not. When your mood continually fluctuates depending on the people you are surrounded by, you will appear moody.


These questions can be used as a guide in your self-discovery. If you find you have many empathic tendencies then explore it further. Set up an appointment with a counselor trained in psychic energies or talk with a professional psychic about your feelings. Recognizing that you are a psychic empath is the first step toward incorporating it into your life.

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